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Baking is a delicious way for me to be creative

Baking is a great hobby and it entertains

Baking is a great hobby and it entertains friends. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Maniyah Bernard, Miller Place

Everyone loves to eat homemade baked treats, most especially my dad. His sweet tooth is so big that whenever anything is fresh out of the oven, I can count on him to eat it all up.

My mom bought a separate freezer for our garage where she can hide what we bake. Otherwise, he would eat all our delicious treats before we could serve them to guests. The chocolate chunk cookies, vanilla-frosted cupcakes with white sprinkles, fudgy brownies, Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispie treats, and even candy from melted chocolate molds are just too tempting for him.

Baking with my friends on weekends is my favorite activity besides playing sports. First, we preheat the oven to 350 degrees, get bowls and spoons out, and set up everything we need. Measuring carefully, we add eggs, oil, water, and dry mix to a bowl. It won’t taste as scrumptious if we’re not careful about our measurements.

Then we mix the batter with a whisk or professional mixer until there are no lumps. We pour the batter into the mold, and the treats go into the oven. Sometimes I watch as our masterpiece bakes, and other times I leave it alone, just letting the yummy smell fill up the house.

What do I love about baking? It is creative and you never get tired of trying new ideas. Baking is always a fun project to do if you are ever feeling bored. I love that baking is an activity to share with friends or family. The best part is that I get to eat what I make when I am done.

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