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Good Afternoon

Hoop dream: Playing center for her basketball team

The Inwood Bucks is a basketball league I am in. My team’s name is The Nets. I am the only girl on the team. I don’t mind because I am treated like every other player.

Kidsday reporter Giana Torres of Cedarhurst is the

Kidsday reporter Giana Torres of Cedarhurst, the only girl on her basketball team, says she is treated like every other player.


Photo Credit: Jean Mahland

This is my second year on the team. I play center. We practice and play at #2 school in Inwood.

My coach’s name is Coach Mike and he helps me a lot in my games. For example, he helped with my shooting. I used to score about 4 points a game and now I score 6 to 10 a game. I really like being on the team. We made it to the championship both years. Playing basketball is a lot of fun, plus it is good exercise!

Jean Mahland and Sharon Mor’s fourth-grade class, Lawrence Elementary School

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