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With 24, he’s a real basketball jersey guy

Kidsday reporter Caleb Lundberg with his basketball jersey

Kidsday reporter Caleb Lundberg with his basketball jersey collection. Credit: Jillian Lundberg

Since last year, I have been collecting basketball jerseys. Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and I even play on St. Peter’s basketball team in Port Washington.

In this picture, there are only about 24 jerseys. I received most of these jerseys for my birthday and for Hanukkah. My favorite jerseys are Kristaps Porzingis, Chris Paul, Marcus Camby, Anthony Davis, Kobe Bryant, Klay Thompson, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Andrew Wiggins.

My family and I have been to one NBA game in Washington, D.C. We saw the Wizards play against the Minnesota Timberwolves. My dad and I went to a Knicks game two years ago in October, and I got to see dunk champ Vince Carter, who was then on the Memphis Grizzlies. Last year I went to my first Harlem Globetrotters game, and I got a special ball, and two of the Globetrotters signed the ball.

I love collecting basketball jerseys because it is my favorite sport.

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

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