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Good Afternoon

A game you can play in your jammies

Kidsday reporters Tajae Tamar, left, Cristian Ganuza, second

Kidsday reporters Tajae Tamar, left, Cristian Ganuza, second from left, and William Martinez, right, play basketball jammies with their pal Jamaal Russell at Walnut Street School, Uniondale. Credit: Theresa Moskowski

We came up with an amazing game you will want to play. It’s called basketball jammies.

First, you need 12 players, six kids for each team. You need a guard, a center, shooting guard, a small forward and a power forward for each team. The extra player is the Nerf gun controller.

You follow the same rules as NBA basketball, but there’s a twist. The first twist is you wear pajamas (slippers, too). The second twist is the Nerf gun controller can target players on the opposite team. If you get hit with a Nerf dart, you are out.

The game is very fast, and besides watching your opponent, you are also trying not to get hit! We do this every once in a while in our school gym, and it is just silly fun. 

Theresa Moskowski’s fifth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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