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Take a Kidsday quiz on the NBA

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Matthew Mariniello

1) How many games are in an NBA regular season?

2) How many teams are there in the NBA?

3) What year did the NBA start?

4) Who has the most NBA championships? Who is in second place?

5) What city did the 2017 NBA all-star weekend take place in?

6) What basketball team is named after an insect?

7) What player has the most NBA championship rings?

8) Who was the 2015 NBA finals MVP?

9) What was the last team to win the NBA championship other than the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers?

10) Who is the commissioner of the NBA?

ANSWERS: 1) 82, 2) 30, 3) 1946, 4) Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, 5) New Orleans, 6) Charlotte Hornets, 7) Bill Russell, 8) Andre Iguodala 9) San Antonio Spurs (2014), 10) Adam Silver

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