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Good Morning

Batter up: Take our baseball quiz

1) Who was the first African-American to play baseball in the major leagues?

2) This Mets player also went by the nickname Tom Terrific. Name him.

3) He played for Oakland and St. Louis and had the nickname Big Mac. Name him.

4) Who is the all-time home run leader?

5) Who won the World Baseball Classic in 2013?

6) This ballplayer played for the Cubs, White Sox and Rangers. He was nicknamed Slammin' Sammy. Name him

7) Here is the easy one: Name the player whose nickname is D-Wright.

8) Here is an easier one: What position does Derek Jeter play?

9) Here is the easiest one: Which team is from Cincinnati?

10) His nickname was Babe. What was Babe Ruth's real first name?

ANSWERS: 1) Jackie Robinson, 2) Tom Seaver, 3) Mark McGwire, 4) Barry Bonds, 5) Dominican Republic, 6) Sammy Sosa, 7) David Wright, 8) shortstop, 9) Reds, 10) George

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