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Battle of the supernatural abilities

Supernatural abilities are one of the most disputed topics in conversation, so I dove deep to find out which of these powers would reign supreme. The two powers that would battle it out to be deemed most desired were: breathing underwater or walking on clouds. Here is what kids would rather do:

Breathe under water: 76

Walk on clouds: 24

It seemed as if the ocean's mysteries called out to people. Marine life and a love of swimming were two other popular incentives to want to breathe underwater. One student said, "I would like to swim with fish and creatures. It would let me take really cool photos of all the things I could explore. I could live down there if something bad happens on land."

Although the majority of students chose breathing underwater, one kid who chose to walk on clouds said: "I would really want to see the world from a different angle. I would look at the sun rise and set, while jumping cloud to cloud to see the world."

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