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Fun, food and games at Bayville Adventure Park

Kidsday reporter Kaitlyn O'Brien outside Bayville Adventure Park.

Kidsday reporter Kaitlyn O'Brien outside Bayville Adventure Park. Credit: O’Brien family

The Bayville Adventure Park is an exciting place. It is full of cool rides.

It has pirate-themed miniature golf. On the course, there are skeletons and pirates. One of my favorite parts of the course is when you go into a cave and there are pirates near a fake fire. There’s also Brittany Bay’s Jungle Treetop Adventure, which is a rope course. If you are afraid of heights, you do not want to go on this ride — but it is very fun. You get to swing from rope to rope and go on mini zip lines.

There are bumper cars that  squirt water at other cars. It is the perfect ride for a spring or summer day. You will get wet. There is a big and beautiful waterfall in the background. There is also a mini train that goes around the perimeter of the park. This train is popular for younger kids who don’t like other rides. It will put a smile on their face.

For the summer, there is an inflatable slide adventure area and a rock-climbing wall. When it is fall, the Adventure Park becomes the Scream Park. It has other rides that open, too, such as the Fun House and the Forgotten Maze.

There is an arcade and cafe inside the Adventure Park. The arcade has a lot of fun games. One of my favorite games is basketball. This game is timed, and you have to make as many baskets as you can before the timer goes off. An ice cream and soda shoppe offers you a great selection of ice cream sundaes.

This is a great place for fun and happiness. I hope that you will come and play arcade games, go on the rides and get a big ice cream sundae at the Bayville Adventure Park soon.

Info: 8 Bayville Ave.,

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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