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Be safe: Watch out for strangers

Strangers can be a big threat to little kids. All parents say, "Don't talk to strangers," but that isn't enough. If you read the rest of this article, you might just have a better chance of staying safe.

Who is a stranger? A stranger is a person you don't know and don't trust. Strangers are people you should never go with, even if you get lost. If you are lost and need to find someone you know, you shouldn't ask a stranger, you should go to the owner or a worker where you are. A stranger could take you somewhere and your parents wouldn't even know. Stay away from danger.

A lot of times the strangers will say they know your parents and that your parents asked them to pick you up somewhere. Strangers also tell kids to come with them for a prize. If this happens to you, yell "Stranger!" and the people around you will hear and be right on their way. This might scare a stranger off. Also just run!

How to avoid the dangers of strangers: A tip is to always stay in areas where you can find people or travel with friends.

Also, notice everything going on around you. For example, if your surroundings are way too quiet, be aware that something might be going on. Stay in sight and you will be safe.

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