Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

She sees shells then paints them

Kidsday reporter Mary-Pat Kolenik, of St. Anne's School,

Kidsday reporter Mary-Pat Kolenik, of St. Anne's School, Garden City, enjoys collecting and painting shells from the beach. Credit: Kolenik family

I love the beach. Yes, I play in the water and make sand castles, but my favorite thing to do is to collect shells. And why not make it more fun by adding some cool summer colors? I like to visit the beach with my fantastic friends and family, including my mom, dad and nana, but you can go with whomever you want.

First, I go in the ocean and look for the best shells. I put them in a bucket and wash the sand off them so they are clean for painting later.

Then I let them dry in the sun. While they are drying, I get my paints ready. You can use any colors or brushes you want. I personally prefer thick brushes.

Once the shells dry, you can paint to your heart’s content. My favorite design is a watermelon — my favorite fruit. I also enjoy painting a bright yellow pineapple. Whatever you paint, I can assure you that you will have tons of fun in the sun and you won’t regret it.

Michelle Indrieri’s fifth-grade class, St. Anne’s School, Garden City

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