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Beat Bugs submarine, books introduce Beatles to preschoolers

Kidsday reporter Isabella Melaram tested Beat Bugs musical

Kidsday reporter Isabella Melaram tested Beat Bugs musical submarine and books for young kids. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I checked out Beat Bugs (Hijinx Alive) and some of their books, toys and games.

The first toy is a musical submarine. This toy is for ages 3 and up. The submarine lights up, plays music and comes with Jasper the Fab figure. Jasper seems pretty sturdy, and his body parts can move. It plays three songs: “The Yellow Submarine,” “All You Need is Love” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” When the music plays, the colorful lights come on inside, which is cool. The lights would be mesmerizing to me at that age.

There are a few books connected with this toy. The first book is called “All You Need Is Love” (Phoenix International Publications). It is a musical book and has lyrics to some of the Beatles’ most popular songs. I think it would be really fun for a baby to press on a button and hear the music play. This would get them moving to the beats.

The next book is “Meet the Beat Bugs,” created by Josh Wakely. It is all about the Beat Bugs. This book includes the characters’ names, the kind of bugs they are and their personalities. It also includes their friends’ names and types of bugs they are. This book is meant for beginner readers. It has nice big letters and is very clear to read. This book introduces different types of bugs to you if you did not already know them. They give the bugs great personalities and make you want to learn more about them for fun and educational learning.

Ages: 3 to 6

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

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