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Help from the Beatles: Learning poetry writing from songs

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Annabel Ganz

Have you ever heard of Fab-4-Friday? Fab-4-Friday is a unique way to learn about poetry and reading from a writer’s perspective that our English teacher Ms. Marybeth Clark organizes.

On Fab-4-Friday we listen to the Beatles. Ms. Clark picks a Beatles song for us to listen to. We listen to the song and pay attention to the tools that the writers are using while trying to figure out the meaning behind the song. After we share our thoughts, Ms. Clark explains what each song means and points out the literary devices that the Beatles use.

Every song has a unique meaning. For example, did you know that in “Blackbird,” which is a tribute to the civil rights movement, the sound of the metronome in the background is supposed to mimic the sounds of marching for freedom? Or that “Eleanor Rigby,” a lonely lady, keeps “a jar by the door,” which is her makeup, just hoping someone will pay attention to her? All former students enjoy listening to these amazing songs. The Beatles are Ms. Clark’s favorite band and soon will be ours.

Elisa Brosnan and Marybeth Clark’s writing and art club, West Hollow Middle School, Melville

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