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Become a Super Genius with these card games

Kidsday reporters Ashley Waldron, left, and Christopher Falcone

Kidsday reporters Ashley Waldron, left, and Christopher Falcone reviewed Blue Orange Games' Super Genius cards. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested two card sets: Super Genius Reading 1 and Super Genius First Words (Blue Orange Games).

Ashley tested the Reading 1 set. She wrote: This card game is a learning game that you play with cards, and you can play with 1 to 6 players. It is a matching game that uses a lot of sight words from children’s books. You match the words to a picture. There are 62 cards in the box. I like this game because there are a lot of ways you can play it.

Christopher tested First Words. He wrote: It is a learning card game. It contains 62 cards, rules, and a storage box. You can play five different games using the cards. All of the games are matching games that help children read words. It can be used at home or at school in the classroom. My cousin who played this game liked it. He said it was easy to learn and make reading fun.

AGES 6 and older.

RATING 4.5 smiles

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