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Being a marine biologist and helping sea life is my calling

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ines Barros, Southampton

I want to become a marine biologist. Marine biology is the study of sea life. There are tasks that are required in the job such as creating research papers on various organisms of your choosing and much more.

I think marine biology is so interesting because I’ve always wanted to help marine animals. I am fascinated by the ocean and its sea life, so I thought maybe marine biology would be the right job for me.

As a marine biologist, I would try my best to contribute to people around the world by finding out ways to help keep the ocean clean so the marine life can stay safe and have sufficient food and water. I would also help with marine-animal rescue missions like after an oil spill.

I could work on the ocean, studying marine life in the field, or study in a lab, or even both. Another reason being a marine biologist would be so great is that I could travel to very interesting places. I could have the opportunity to work for the government, at a zoo or in an aquarium.

These are the reasons why I think marine biologist will be the perfect job for me, and I hope that more people will want to become marine biologists to teach or encourage others to help all ocean and marine life.


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