Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Becoming a better person in 2014

We did a survey on what kids can do to make themselves better people in the year 2014. Many kids chose a lot of good things to do better this year. We surveyed the fifth grade.

Many kids said they would try harder in school and get better grades. When they said this, the majority of them wanted to do better at math or social studies. We think most kids think they can really be better students if they try.

Another thing kids wanted to do to become a better person is to be nicer to others and listen or try their best in everything. Kids have set goals to be nice and do their best. We think these goals can actually be reached as long as they keep thinking positive and think nice thoughts about others. Next year, we are going into middle school, and we want to leave this school knowing we tried our best.

Also, some kids chose to be a nicer person to their parents and siblings. We could understand, because some kids get lazy and they want their siblings or parents to do all the work around the house. As you get older, you need to have more responsibility and do chores.

Everyone should set the goal to become a better person. Once you have made up your mind to stay positive, you should stick to it and you will become a much better person in life.

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