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Being mindful relieves stress and can help in everyday life

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kiran Johan

What does it mean to be mindful? To be mindful means to be focused, relaxed and to live in the moment. Being mindful can be a great feature about yourself because it can help you in school and in after-school activities.

I recently read an article about being mindful (Business Insider, Sept. 27, 2016). The article explained how businesses like Apple, Google, Starbucks and Yahoo believe there are many benefits to being mindful and how they can use this in their daily lives:

* It’s an ultimate stress reliever.

* It improves your ability to focus.

* It boosts your creativity.

* It makes you a better person.

Being mindful will make you a better person because you will be a great listener, more focused and improve your intelligence about your emotions. One way to be more focused is to listen to sounds like rings and bells. Also working with a buddy and practicing breathing is great for your focus. Thinking about your emotions helps you understand why you are happy or sad.

Music and peaceful breathing are perfect ways to help make you mindful. Music can calm you down and help relax your body. Why not take a break during homework and listen to calming music? When you are peacefully breathing, make sure to think about every body part. Think about body parts that you would never think about, like your forehead or your elbows, and let all the tension out. Notice your surroundings and live in the moment. Mindfulness does matter.


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