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How to be responsible: Tips on what to do at home, school

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Max Tunney, Long Beach

What does mean to be responsible? It means you are dependable. I know because I am responsible, and I do lots of things to prove it.

It’s a big deal to be responsible because it makes you organized and ready for anything. How do you get this way? I have some ways to help. You have to try to stop forgetting things such as folders, books and even your homework, which is really important in order to do well in school.

Sometimes you need to be responsible for your house. Start by taking care of your bedroom. That means you make your bed, clean your room and pick up clothes. Another place you can help out is in your kitchen, doing things such as washing dishes and putting them away, taking the garbage out and washing the floors.

One of the most important places to be responsible is school. One important responsibility in school is listen to your teacher. Another is to work really hard on your schoolwork. The last thing you can do in school to be responsible is to organize your desk. If you do all these things, you will be responsible.


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