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Being thankful year-round for Thanksgiving gathering

The Keaveney family gathers for Thanksgiving this past

The Keaveney family gathers for Thanksgiving this past November. Credit: Keaveney family

For our whole lives, on Thanksgiving, we have always gone to our Great-Aunt Sarah’s house in Bellerose, Queens, to be with all our cousins. It’s everyone from our mom’s side of the family. Our Grandma was one of 12 kids.

When we get there, we always watch the first football game together in the basement. It is always a battle for the couch. We talk about who we think will win, and who will make it to the Super Bowl. We also talk about fantasy football. Soon after we take a group picture.

After that we play football and basketball games in the street. The teams are different every game, and that is one of the reasons it is so fun. The ball always finds a way to hit a car.

When someone yells “food,” it’s a rush inside. If you are last of about 60 people there, you get only the scraps. The desserts are the best thing to us. There are strawberry cakes, ice cream cakes, all kinds of cookies, candy canes and cupcakes. We love our Thanksgiving tradition.

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