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Bella Thorne talks 'Blended' with Kidsday

Actress Bella Thorne who stars in the movie

Actress Bella Thorne who stars in the movie "Blended" with Kidsday reporters Melissa Beresheim, Alicia Bholat, Ryan Rebetti and Alexis Mauriello, ages 10 and 11 from Dix Hills at the Warner Bros. screening room in Manhattan. (May22, 2014) Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We went to the screening of the new Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore and Bella Thorne movie "Blended" last week at the Warner Bros. screening room in Manhattan.

It's about two families -- one mom with two sons and one dad with three daughters -- who eventually blend into one family.

At the beginning, Sandler and Barrymore go on an unsuccessful blind date. They then wind up on the same vacation in South Africa where their families learn to really like each other. At the end of the movie, you don't think they will come together, but they do.

What we really liked about this movie is it had a lot of very funny parts. The actors were really good, and it had some real-life situations, since a lot of families are blended today.

We would recommend this movie for mature kids, since it is PG-13. If you want to see a fantastic comedy, then "Blended" is the movie for you. You will be laughing nonstop through the whole performance.

Right after the movie, we met with Thorne, who stars as Sandler's oldest daughter, Hilary. We were able to ask her a few questions about the movie.

We had so many favorite scenes in the movie, and we wanted to know what she liked the most about it.

Bella said, "Probably any scene at the dinner table because Kevin Nealon was there, and his comedy is more like mine. It is more dry than Adam, Drew and Terry [Crews]. I was learning so much from him and watching his rhythm and the way he speaks. It was really cool."

In the beginning of the movie, Bella had a short, tomboyish hairstyle. We wanted to know how long it took to do her hair.

She said, "It took almost two hours sitting in the hair chair. They cut my hair, and then they thinned it, but then they had to pull it back with glue. They have to glue the wig on, and then they have to pin it, and they have to wrap your hair afterward. The glue is the worst part, because they glue it to your face."

We wanted to know if she liked playing a tomboy in this movie. Bella said, "I am more of a tomboy in my regular life. I know I am wearing a dress right now, but I am usually wearing my jeans and Converse [sneakers]. I don't really care to put on makeup or do my hair. That part wasn't that different. It was really being very shy, awkward. I think when you put on that wig, it is very relatable to a lot girls. I went through a very awkward stage when I was 14. Let me tell you, it was not cute. I thought I was OK looking then. I look back and I say, 'Oh gosh, it was bad.' "


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