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The Bella Twins wrestle with questions from LI kids

Kidsday reporters Olivia Sang, Sigal Weitzman, Shreya Deochand

Kidsday reporters Olivia Sang, Sigal Weitzman, Shreya Deochand and Trevor Boshnack with Nikki, center left, and Brie Bella in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The two young women who used to wake up every morning when they were kids by milking cows on their farm in Scottsdale, Arizona, now have their own reality TV show and are a big inspiration to many girls.

The Bella Twins — Nikki and Brie — are a female wrestling tag team. Aside from wrestling, they have a reality TV show and a wine and clothing business. They’ve inspired many of their fans all around the world. Many people have doubted women could be wrestlers but the Bellas showed us that all women can be wrestlers and succeed. When we met them, recently, they seemed very interested in having a conversation with us. They answered our questions with meaning and thought. Even though we are just kids, we seemed to have a big voice to them.

We got to go watch The Bella Twins at the AOL Build talk show in Manhattan. They talked about many aspects of their life, from their reality show to the Royal Rumble. We were on the edges of our seats, while we were sitting in the audience. Two of us as the Kidsday interviewers also got to ask questions on the show. At the talk show, we all had many strong emotions. One moment we were anxious and nervous, the next we were ecstatic. It was a very surreal moment for all of us to be sitting in an audience.

We asked The Bella Twins what trait they admired and who had that trait. Brie Bella said her grandmother has the trait of class and Nikki said her mom has the trait of strength.

Another question we asked was what were the highs and lows of working together. The highs were that they trusted each other and they were always honest with each other. The lows were that they spent so much time together. Also, that sometimes they were too honest with each other.

We asked them if they had always dreamed of being a wrestler as they were growing up and they said they didn’t.

We also asked them what the good and bad things of having a reality TV show and they said that it was good to see all the good moments on screen but then it was bad to watch the bad moments over again.

Olivia asked them what sparked the idea of “twin magic”? Twin magic is when they switch places behind the referee’s back. They said that it was Vince McMahon who wanted them to use twin magic because he has never experienced a twin tag team so he wanted them to stand out and that is how twin magic started.

We knew that Nikki injured her neck and we wanted to know if that had an impact on her career. Nikki said it actually gave her more confidence because she was told that she wouldn’t be able to wrestle again, and seven months later she was back in the ring.

Finally, we wanted to know how they responded when people say wrestling is fake. They answered by saying that when people ask that, they start by talking about how all of their injuries are real, and that if people actually came to watch them in wrestling matches, they wouldn’t say that wrestling is fake.

Their TV reality show, “Total Bellas,” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on E! We recommend it to kids 12 and older.

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