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The Bella Twins chat with LI students for Kidsday

Wrestlers and reality TV stars Nikki Bella and

Wrestlers and reality TV stars Nikki Bella and Brie Bella with Kidsday reporters, from left, Olivia Sang, Sigal Weitzman, Shreya Deochand and Trevor Boshnack at the AOL Build Studio in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met WWE and reality TV stars Nikki and Brie Bella when they were at the AOL Build Studio in Manhattan recently.

What sparked the idea of Twin Magic, and did you ever try Twin Magic when you were in school?

Nikki: We used it in elementary school the first time, and it really didn’t work. But when we went to college it worked, and it was golden. We were so excited about that. What actually sparked us using Twin Magic was Vince McMahon [head of WWE]. He came up with the idea when we were his first experience using identical twins in WWE. It then just became our thing, because it was so much fun.

If you weren’t WWE wrestlers, what do you think you two would be doing?

Brie: I would have to say what we are doing now. We have our own clothing line called Birdiebee that we just love. And we love wine, which one day, when you are over 21, you might like, too. So we are winemakers as well with our own line, Bella Radici.

Nikki: Our mother is an entrepreneur, and I feel that we are very drawn to being our own bosses and being very strong businesswomen.

What is an admirable trait that you look up to, and do you know someone with that trait?

Brie: Class. I look at my grandmother, and she has this grace and class about her. When she walks into a room and sits down and talks to someone. Everything she does in life. I feel that women of her generation were really taught that. I feel that it is a trait that has been lost on others, and I feel like it is a trait I have to teach myself, but I feel that my grandmother was born with it. It is just beautiful.

Nikki: I agree with Brie on that. My mother’s strength. As I was growing up and seeing everything that she was going through, whether it was running her own company, or taking us to our soccer practices or to school. To see her balance her life with the kids, and then being able to have the strength for things when things went wrong. I felt that I really took that in when I was 15, and now I have really taken it into my life. Being in a business that is male-dominated has really helped Brie and me break barriers and create a women’s evolution at the WWE.

What are the good and bad parts about having a reality TV show?

Nikki: The good is that you can relate to a lot of people in this world and have people feel that you are not alone when you go through stuff. The worst part is that we have relive it. So when I go through a breakup, I kind of have to go through it twice because I have to see it again on TV.

Brie: The good part is people see our show and some people think: Brie is going through this, or Nikki is going through that. We do relive some of the ugly events, and I get embarrassed by it.

Since you are twins, did you fight each other when you were younger, and did that help you with your wrestling career?

Nikki and Brie: Yes!

Nikki: We still argue a lot. Thank goodness we don’t physically fight anymore, we just keep that for the ring. We had a lot of fights when we were younger, but it definitely made us stronger.

Brie: Also when we were younger, we were a great tag team. We had each other’s back.

Nikki: You know as twins you can fight one minute and then next minute you are best friends, and everyone around you just doesn’t understand it. It is a twin thing. Brie and I will still get into five more fights today, but we will still be best friends.

Brie: It is actually crazy because with our wrestling career,our coaches were always blown away by our timing, and they always remarked how our chemistry and timing is always perfect. Just being twins, we have that. We don’t have to talk, we don’t have to communicate, it just happens.

What is the hardest part about being a WWE wrestler?

Nikki: I would say the travel and being away from home so much. When you are on a full-time schedule, you are away from home almost 300 days a year. You rarely sleep in your own bed.

Do you like being recognized in public?

Nikki: Yes! I like it but I sometimes get embarrassed and think: Me? They know me?

Brie: It makes you feel good because they recognize your craft and your work that you have worked so hard for. Sometimes it is hard for me when I am with my baby. You know, you want your quiet, private moments, and she sometimes gets weirded out wondering what is going on.

Nikki, what was your favorite dance on “Dancing with the Stars,” and how was your experience?

Nikki: I absolutely loved my experience. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. It was also one of the toughest experiences I have ever had because I am not a dancer. The Argentine tango that I did was my absolute favorite.

Nikki, how did your neck injury affect your confidence?

Nikki: I think it was the first time I had to overcome something that I was so strongly passionate about. It gave me confidence that I had to prove to everyone that I would be the healthiest I could possibly be and then get back into the ring. That confidence got me back into the ring 7 1⁄2 months later.

You both have so much to do every day. What do you like to do with your free time?

Brie: We love going to museums. We are so into history and into art. We find it a great way to decompress. We also both like really nice dinners. We sometimes say, it has been a really hard day and we deserve a really good dinner, and we spoil ourselves.

Nikki: We both love being with our dogs. Our dogs are the best ever. We love going on sunset walks, and we are really lucky because we live in San Diego, and we are right by the ocean.

Janet Rumble and Sandi Yarow’s sixth-grade class, Great Neck South Middle School

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