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Belmont Park, storied home of horse racing

Have you ever been to Belmont Park? Let us tell you about it. We live close to the track because we live in Elmont. It all began in 1905 when Belmont Park was built. It was built by August Belmont Jr. and he named it after his dad. He wanted to build the best racetrack in America. They chose to build it on the border of Queens County and Nassau County because they found everything that they needed there. The 650 acres included a mansion, which served as the Turf and Field club until 1956. The Grand Opening was on May 4, 1905. More than 40,000 fans wanted to get to the race so bad there was a huge traffic jam. Not everyone made it to the race because of that. The Belmont Stakes has been truly the most popular race in Belmont Park.

In 1918 the track was used for airmail service between New York City and Washington, D.C. In 1963 they closed down Belmont Park to rebuild it,and it reopened on May 4, 1968. Inside of Belmont Park, they have a place where people bet money on the horse that they think will win a race.

There is also a cafe with computers. This year, the Belmont Stakes is June 6. Want more info? Online:

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