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Benedict Cumberbatch and Cameron Seely talk to Kidsday reporters

Actress Cameron Seely, who stars as Cindy Lou

Actress Cameron Seely, who stars as Cindy Lou Who in the new movie, "The Grinch" talks with Kidsday reporters, from left,  Kaela Borders, Christian Plasencia, Gabriela Reinoso and Christopher Desimone, all 14 and of Carle Place, at the 4 Seasons Hotel in  Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

After seeing “The Grinch,” we went back to Manhattan to interview two of the stars of the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, who did the voice of the Grinch, and Cameron Seely, who was the voice of Cindy Lou Who. We interviewed them separately.

 We asked Cameron what she was thinking when voicing Cindy Lou Who, and she said, “I was just thinking, Be Cindy Lou. Like, try to be the character. But I didn’t really have to be the character, because the character is just my voice. I didn’t have to put on a fake voice for it. I just talk like this when I do it.”

We asked Benedict the same question, and he told us: “I was thinking about what on Earth it was actually going to look like when the voice got put with the animation. I was thinking about my American accent because I’m English, so I have to work hard on that.”

We wanted to know who was Cameron's favorite character in the film. "Bricklebaum [voiced by actor and comedian Kenan Thompson]. He’s really funny." We have to agree with Cameron, we liked Kenan a lot.

Benedict was quick with his response: “The Grinch! I mean, come on. What’s not to love?”

Benedict has been in so many movies, but we were curious if he preferred regular acting or voice acting. He said, “Acting out, voicing out — well, I mean, you do have to do both when you’re voicing a character. Obviously the animators do the most extraordinary work you can imagine. But in my case, you have a good director, they can talk you through, as [director] Scott Mosier did, what the end result's going to be like. I would say that both are rewarding in different ways. I don’t do favorites! I’m not very good at it.”

We asked Cameron, who is 11, if she would like to be an actress for her whole life.

Cameron said, “I really like acting, but I did want to become a marine biologist or an animal biologist.”

We wanted to know whom Cameron would recommend this movie to, and she said, “I recommend it to everyone because it’s a movie for everyone. It’s a movie that your whole family can watch.” We agree!


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