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Why my club really is the BEST

If you are just coming into our school and are looking to join a club, the BEST Club is great.

It includes lots of fun activities and many worthwhile trips. BEST stands for Business and Education Serving Together. Years ago, when the club first started, local businesses in Wantagh would be involved with middle school students, but today the BEST Club is a community-based club that does good things for others in our school and around Wantagh. It is run by two of our teachers, Mrs. Anne Craven and Mrs. Jennifer Holden.

Kidsday reporter Julia Cerasi of Wantagh is a

BEST stands for Business and Education Serving Together.


Kidsday reporter Julia Cerasi belongs to Wantagh Middle School's BEST club, whose hospital visits and fundraising projects support the community.


Photo credit: Bonnie Hersch


One of my personal favorite trips is the hospital visit. When we went there, we gave out Christmas presents to the kids that we'd wrapped ourselves. It made me feel very good about myself because I knew we were making the kids very happy.

Another great thing we did was a trivia challenge that raised money, which was donated to others in need. We had to donate at least $15 to compete in teams of four. The questions were on many subjects. The winners were able to move on and compete against the others who who'd won. The more than $1,000 we raised was donated to the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County.

Within our school, the BEST members may serve as ushers at awards ceremonies or our school play. We help out with schoolwide events whenever we can.

Joining the BEST Club in Wantagh Middle School is not just great because it can be used for community service credit, but you will have lots of rewarding fun during the year.

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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