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Kidsday poll: Is your best friend from school or elsewhere?

Kidsday reporters and friends: top left to right,

Kidsday reporters and friends: top left to right, Romy Pecullan, Luna Romero, Sydney Schindler-Thomsen and Ava Parrinello; bottom left to right, Emmanuelle Kang and Alivia Saunders. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

When you are in school, is your best friend the same person when you are out of school? We wanted to find out if kids had different best friends. We interviewed 90 kids and this is what we learned:

Best friend in school: 62

Best friend out of school: 28

We think more kids have best friends in school because they come here every day and get to talk to them and spend time with them. Another reason is because they work and play together. This is why we think more kids choose a best friend in school than out of school.

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington

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