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Shooting to be like my basketball coach, Bethany LeSueur

Rising Stars coach Bethany LeSueur and player Sarah

Rising Stars coach Bethany LeSueur and player Sarah Lucas. Credit: Wendy Lucas

With no doubt in my mind, my coach, Bethany LeSueur, was by far the best high school basketball players on Long Island.

She is the all-time scorer on Long Island for both women’s and men’s high school basketball with 3,167 points. It is very rare for a high school basketball player to score2,000 points, let alone be the only one to reach 3,000 on Long Island.

When Bethany was in the fourth grade, she started playing on a CYO team. In the fifth grade, she started playing on an AAU team, the Silver Bullets, later known as The Long Island Sound. Having those two basketball programs helped her learn to play basketball to the skill level that she shows today. In the seventh grade, Bethany started to play on her school basketball team — her high school varsity team! When Bethany walked into that gym in the seventh grade with the girls four to six years older than her, she remembers being nervous, but once she started playing, it was a whole different story. She surprised everyone with her amazing ball handling skills and ability to shoot.

Bethany was a guard and a six-year starter for Garden City. Her game record was 121-12, and she was twice named Gatorade Player of the Year, and N.Y. Miss Basketball (2000-2001). After high school, she went to Virginia, then transferred to Georgetown. At Georgetown, Bethany was a starter all 28 games, and a team leader with 55 steals (2003-04).

From a young age, Bethany and her siblings have always been extremely competitive. Bethany’s family was very active and athletic, so that helped her gain her competitive spirit. Bethany says what truly helped her become the phenomenal athlete and person she is today is her parents, especially her mother. Having a strong female role model was really great for her, Bethany says. She and her mother were, and still are, very close, so they did a lot of things together. Her parents still remain her greatest role models.

After she graduated from college Bethany started to get involved with AAU team Rising Stars basketball. She had an idea of introducing girls to basketball through Rising Stars. It started off with about 40 girls and now there are around 200 girls eager to play. The great thing about girls Rising Stars basketball is the coaches are all experienced and have had the opportunity to have played basketball when they were younger, and are all strong female role models. 

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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