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Beyond Tablet family games combine fun and learning

Kidsday reporter Daniel Trejo-Ramirez with the Beyond Tablet

Kidsday reporter Daniel Trejo-Ramirez with the Beyond Tablet and his favorite game map, Yes or No. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

The size of the Beyond Tablet (Beyond Screen) is large and the color is warm white, cyan and blue. There are five game maps that you put on top of the tablet to play.

There are two games that play sounds, and you have to listen and remember it. There are two other games about music. In the last one, you touch the circle to spin it, and it chooses categories such as science, social studies, art, music and more. Then it asks you a question about the topic, and if you answer it right, you get a star.

The Beyond Tablet was really fun and exciting. It was really big, and that’s what I liked. It was also a little heavy, but I was OK with it. Out of the five game maps, I like the one in which you had to answer questions about science, social studies and more. Also I liked that all games except two had four players, so all of us could play — my mom, stepdad, brother and I.

Ages: 8 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

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