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School gym program teaches kids safe skateboarding, bike riding

Kidsday reporters Kelsie Kennedy, left, Caiden Jean-Baptiste, Omarion

Kidsday reporters Kelsie Kennedy, left, Caiden Jean-Baptiste, Omarion Gentles and Jake Laudenslager learn safe bike riding at South Country Elementary School in Bay Shore. Credit: Katie Hunter

We have two pretty good programs in our physical education class. We are able to learn how to skateboard and also ride bikes.

We do skateboarding, and what’s pretty awesome about it is that our gym teachers are so nice and they teach us to do it safely. What matters most is safety and the proper way to ride the boards. We wear all the right equipment, from elbow and knee pads to helmets. We are so glad our principal agreed on doing skateboarding. We’re so happy to be in this school and so lucky to have these awesome gym teachers.

Once we get in the gym, we sit down and our teachers explain to us how to do it safely. We listen carefully so that we don’t get hurt. After we get used to it, we skate outside. Our skateboards are colorful, and learning how to do it right is the best way to be safe.

Another great program is bike riding. It is really amazing how many kids in our school do not know how to ride a bike and the proper way to ride them.

As Omarion said, "I love riding bikes because I used to never know how to ride without training wheels."

In our gym class, we first have to practice good safety and then we ride. When we were riding, it was fun. When you get the hang of it, it is so much fun to do.

For both riding projects we can either bring in our own helmets or we use the ones that the school provides. Before putting on a shared helmet, we have to wear a shower cap so our heads stay clean.

Kathryn Hunter’s fourth-grade class, South Country Elementary School, Bay Shore

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