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Blitzball is a really fun modern-day Wiffle ball

Blitzball is a really fun modern day Wiffle ball that I use frequently. It is a lightweight, plastic ball that is an unusually shaped sphere with 72 sides. This cuts down on wind resistance, allowing the ball to maintain velocity and spin furiously.

One of the many things you can do with a Blitzball is throw different types of pitches such as a curveball, slider, changeup, etc. You can throw different pitches by putting your fingers onvarious places on the ball. It’s not only good for mastering pitches, but it is also used for different types of games.

Two of my favorite games to play using the Blitzball are the original baseball game and the home run game. The home run game is a game where you try to hit as many home runs as possible. Anything that isn’t a home run is an out. Whoever hits the most home runs wins. You can find it at

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