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Glitter chair a cool addition to a kid's bedroom

Kidsday reporters Daniella Reyes, left, and Ella DiLorenzo,

Kidsday reporters Daniella Reyes, left, and Ella DiLorenzo, of Canaan Elementary School in Patchogue, with the BloChair Glitter inflatable chair. Credit: Jennifer Hempfling

The Blochair Glitter Chair is a blow-up chair with glitter inside. The glitter chair comes in  five colors: silver, gold, pink, purple and blue. It is waterproof and durable.

We were able to check out the silver one. It blows up in just a few minutes. If you grab a cloth and rub it on the sides, a little bit of glitter will stick. But after you rub it with a cloth, make sure to shake it up.

This chair is comfy. It doesn’t deflate when you sit on it a lot.  It can hold a lot of weight and would be great for a bedroom. Kids love this chair.  They would sit on  it all the time.

 The chair even comes with patch instructions, just in case yours pops. It also has instructions to clean it. It has many more instructions to help you if you have a problem with the glitter chair. This chair is very cool. Our class used it as the reading chair and everybody can’t wait to take the chance to sit in it.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Jennifer Hempfling’s fifth-grade class, Canaan Elementary School, Patchogue


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