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Book review: ‘Quinny & Hopper: Partners in Slime’

Kidsday reporter Sarah O'Brien reviewed

Kidsday reporter Sarah O'Brien reviewed "Quinny & Hopper: Partners in Slime." Credit: O’Brien Family

I read “Quinny & Hopper: Partners in Slime,” by Adriana Brad Schanen (Disney/ Hyperion), and it was terrific! It is about two friends. Hopper had to get his tonsils out and Quinny had head lice. Hopper is serious and Quinny is silly. They tell the story together by taking turns. In one chapter Quinny tells the story and then it is Hopper’s turn to tell the story.

I think lots of kids will like this book because it is funny. Some of the funniest parts are the ones with a girl named Victoria. Sometimes Victoria can be mean, but Quinny tries hard to be a friend to Victoria.

I think when kids read this book they will understand that some people are different. Maybe this book can help kids understand that they shouldn’t make fun of others because they are different.

Rating: 5 smiles

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