Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Book review: 'Stranded'

I read a good book, "Stranded," by Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts (Penguin Books). It is about four kids who get stranded on an island and have to work together to survive. The book is broken into four parts. Each part is narrated by one of the four kids. The four kids are Carter, his sister, Jane, and their stepsiblings, Buzz and Vanessa.

Their parents are newly married and on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Their Uncle Dex takes the four kids on his boat for a vacation off the coast of Hawaii. However, a storm strikes unexpectedly, and Dex and his helper Joe are swept out to sea, leaving only the kids stranded on the boat. Shortly after, the boat crashes into the rocks of a South Pacific island, and the kids have to learn to survive.

This book was never boring. The kids would come across a problem, such as having very little food and drink, and would solve the problem by using a little at a time. The most important challenges they face are sticking together and compromising.

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