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Book review: ‘Upside-Down Magic’

"Upside-Down Magic" tells the story of kids with

"Upside-Down Magic" tells the story of kids with unusual powers. Credit: Scholastic Press

I read the book, “Upside-Down Magic,” by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins (Scholastic Press).

If you like a weird and action-filled story you should read this book. This story is about kids in a program called Upside-Down Magic. The kids are either upside-down flyers, flares, fluxers, fuzzies, or flickers. Flares have fire magic. Fluxers can turn into animals. Fuzzies can communicate with animals. Flickers can become invisible or turn other things invisible. Flyers can fly.

Unfortunately not all the kids have normal magic. Nory for example is an upside-down fluxer. Nory can turn into a normal animal but then the animal mixes with another animal. For example, Nory turns into a kitten and then it mixes with a dragon and she becomes a dritten.

Bax is also an upside-down fluxer. For Bax instead of turning into an animal he turns into a rock and can’t change back. Whenever that happens Nory brings him to Nurse Riley, and Nurse Riley cures Bax with a medicine called burtlebox.

There are other kids with other powers and this book about upside-down magic can encourage kids to stick up for themselves when being bullied. If you want to expand your imagination, this book is for you!

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