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Book review: ‘When Friendship Followed Me Home’

"When Friendship Followed Me Home" by Paul Griffin.

"When Friendship Followed Me Home" by Paul Griffin. Credit: Dial Books

We read the book, “When Friendship Followed Me Home,” by Paul Griffin (Dial). This book is about a boy who goes through much trouble in his life. At the end, something good happens to him.

In the beginning of the story, a boy named Ben tells us all about his school. He says that he doesn’t have any friends and is going to move to Florida. Ben likes Star Wars and loves reading comic books. Ben doesn’t want to let the other kids know that he reads comics because that will make him less popular and the others will make fun of him. Angelina and Damon Rayburn (the cool kids) always make fun of Ben.

Ben finds an abandoned dog named Flip. Ben’s mom does not really want a dog but goes along with it to make Ben happy. He feels really good about helping the dog. They take the dog to a vet but discover the dog has a microchip in him. Will they find the owner? Ben’s life goes through a lot of twist and turns. Read this exciting book to find out what happens to Flip and Ben.

RATING: 5 smiles

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