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Boolean Box: Build-it-yourself computer kit is hands-on and fun

Kidsday reporter Grace Knoth tested Boolean Box, a

Kidsday reporter Grace Knoth tested Boolean Box, a computer coding kit. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Boolean Box (Boolean Girl) — a build-it-yourself computer kit for girls — is awesome, fun and very hands-on. Kids can learn about coding and even build your own electronics.

You can connect the parts and code on your TV or your monitor instead of doing it on the computer. You can follow directions on how to code something, or you can do it by yourself. I think it is great. I like that you get to code. It’s cool that you get to work with the Raspberry Pi 3.

Ages: 9 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Kathryn Hunter’s fourth-grade class, South Country Elementary School, Bay Shore

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