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‘Born in China’ review: Animal stories

A mother and child panda are among the

A mother and child panda are among the animal stars of "Born in China." Credit: Disneynature films

“Born in China,” is Disneynature’s documentary about three different animals and their relationships to their families, narrated by John Krasinski. The giant panda’s story is about raising and protecting her baby, but the cub wants to do what she wants. In the end, the cub climbs a tree to show she can be brave.

Tao-Tao, a golden monkey, feels he has been rejected by his family after his little sister is born. He leaves them to be with other rejected monkeys, “the lost boys.” He is only accepted again by his father when he surprisingly saves his sister from a hawk, the golden monkey’s main predator.

The snow leopard rules the Chinese mountain plateau. She needs to survive the harsh winter and provide food and protection for her cubs after being forced out by other leopards.

“Born in China” shows what life is like for animals in China. The stories are connected and the movie comes full circle, incorporating Chinese mythology.

The parent-child relationships of these animals can easily relate to children: craving attention from parents when there is a newborn; acceptance; helicopter moms; and so forth. Since this is a documentary, we learned facts such as how male antelopes forget who their partner is and, upon returning, try to impress a new female, and that adult pandas eat 40 pounds of bamboo per day. The soundtrack and visuals are amazing. Since this documentary was filmed throughout different seasons, we see the beautiful landscapes of China. You must see this film and remember there is “hope in hardship.” Also, if you see this movie during opening week, Disneynature will make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to benefit wild pandas and snow leopards.

RATING: 4.5 smiles

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