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Why BotBot collections are so hot-hot

Kidsday reporters Jonathan Vasquez, left, Bryden Padilla, Robinson

Kidsday reporters Jonathan Vasquez, left, Bryden Padilla, Robinson Barralaga and Jayden Serrano with the BotBots. Credit: Mary Kate LaSpisa

Have you ever thought about getting some BotsBots? Are you wondering what they are? They’re these wonderful mini-Transformer toys that change into different figures. We think you should start collecting them. They are really awesome!

They have many different styles and different groups. Some groups are Techie Team, Swag Stylers, Greaser Gang, Music Mob, Sugar Shocks, Toilet Troop and Spoiled Rottens. There are many more. There are also different quantities like common, uncommon and, the best of all, rare. You could be lucky and get one that is rare.

We also had some kids in our class give their opinions of these amazing BotBots:

Sean Pittman: “It is very boring when you play by yourself, but it is very fun when you play with your friends.”

Justin Lopez: “They are very cool and they are like the original transformers.”  

So let’s talk about how to get them. The price depends on how many you get in a pack. They can cost from $3 to $15.

The details and creativeness of the BotBots are amazing. We think the slushies, sharks, viruses, hot sauce, and watches are really cool.

Mary Kate LaSpisa’s fifth-grade class, Evergreen Charter School, Hempstead

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