Good Evening
Good Evening

Can you take the 24-hour box fort challenge?

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kathleen Cooney

Once my sister and I did the 24-hour box challenge. It’s all over YouTube, so we got permission from our parents and decided to try it. It was so much fun. You should totally try it. But how? Here is how to do the 24-hour box fort challenge.

Build a giant fort. Be sure to decorate. Get food, drinks and fun stuff to do, such as apples, water, milk, cereal, ice cream, popcorn, board games, arts and crafts, etc. Once you are done with that, set a timer and stay in the fort for 24 hours. (Bathroom visits are OK!) It’s more fun if you do it with more than two kids. You can take notes on how and what you did, and how you and your friends are closer now. But you must have fun.

Hope you can last!

Meredith Marin’s fourth-grade class, Birch Lane Elementary School, Massapequa Park

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