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Good Afternoon

Boxing your way to better shape

Looking for an exciting workout? Try boxing.

Looking for an exciting workout? Try boxing. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Joseph Malossi, Sayville

Have you ever felt that you can’t find a workout that isn’t boring? Have you felt anger that needs to be released? Maybe boxing is for you!

Boxing is a great way to answer both of these questions. This form of exercise can also teach you self-defense. You might need this in life. Boxing helps with getting rid of negative energy in a positive, healthy way. Of course, like all sports, you need it to be exciting, and boxing is definitely exciting.

In order to box, you will need to train. You need the proper equipment. For starters, boxing gloves are very important. You also will need something to punch. A sand bag or punching bag would be perfect.

What if you don’t have room for a punching bag? You can work out with a partner who has on the proper gear. If you join a gym, it will have all the equipment, classes and trainers for you. Boxing is great exercise. You should try it.

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