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Eagle Scout's honor: My cousin's scouting journey

Skylar Leung and his cousin Daren Chan, an

Skylar Leung and his cousin Daren Chan, an Eagle Scout. Credit: Linda Chan

On March 2, an Eagle Scout ceremony was held for Daren Chan and two other Scouts. Attending this ceremony made me feel proud to be a Cub Scout and hope one day that I can become an Eagle Scout, too. Daren Chan is my cousin.

Daren joined the New Hyde Park Boy Scouts when he was in fourth grade. He made Eagle Scout his senior year in high school. Daren has earned 33 badges. They are all on his sash and he is proud of every one of them. There were many fun memories leading to Daren’s Eagle Scout rank. Camping was one; he loves the outdoors. Daren said, “Before my first camping trip, if you told me that I would enjoy camping, I would not have believed you.” Daren said camping taught him lots of skills that he would otherwise not have if he had not joined.

There are requirements you must fulfill to become an Eagle Scout. One of the requirements, the hardest thing Daren felt he had to accomplish, was being a Senior Patrol Leader and leading the troop on various activities. This helped Daren gain more self-confidence. 

Another requirement was the service project. His project was to transform old metal boxes into American flag retirement boxes. Most people do not know the proper way to retire American flags. Daren said, “The American flag represents the greatness of our country and should be honored. I hope people would use these boxes to properly dispose of their flags, so they can be properly retired in a formal ceremony.” The project involved creating and designing the boxes, finding locations and getting permission for their placement. It also required coordinating with the Great Neck American Legion, where they will continue to collect the deposited flags even after Daren leaves for college.

Pamela Ginex’s Cub Scouts, Troop 168, Syosset

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