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Getting braces doesn't hurt that much, plus it's worth it

Kidsday reporter Dylan Cogliano of Cherry Avenue Elementary

Kidsday reporter Dylan Cogliano of Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville, shows off his braces. Credit: Cogliano family

Many kids think getting braces is a long, painful process full of drills and pointy needles in your mouth. But not so long ago I went through the process of getting braces. I was terrified at first, but when it was over I barely even noticed them.

One good thing about braces is that at first you can only eat pasta, ice cream, Jell-O, pudding and any other soft food. The worst thing that can happen when you get them is your teeth start to hurt a little from the pressure, but it’ll stop before you know it. And when you are getting them put on, pretty much all they do is dry your mouth with a tube that blows air, and they use this little plastic U-shaped tool to hold your mouth open.

So get the braces. Put up with a little bit of inconvenience, and before long you will have a beautiful smile.

Melinda Moran’s fourth- and fifth-grade Stretch students, Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville

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