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My gift for Mother's Day: Making her breakfast in bed

Kidsday reporter Nyla Jennings, of Walnut Street School,

Kidsday reporter Nyla Jennings, of Walnut Street School, Uniondale, makes breakfast for her mom, Sinovia Benton, on Mother's Day. Credit: Sinovia Benton

On Mother’s Day I made my mom breakfast in bed, with a little help from my dad. I made sausage, eggs and a plain bagel with butter.

The first thing I did was to gather all my ingredients and the pans I needed to use. Then I started by scrambling the eggs in a bowl and putting them in a frying pan to cook. After that, I started to make the sausages, and when those two things were almost done, I toasted the bagel and added butter.

After cooking everything, I made her plate and poured a glass of orange juice. When I brought the plate to my mom, she was so happy and had a big smile, and that is how I made her Mother’s Day extra-special.

Theresa Moskowski’s fifth-grade students, Walnut Street School, Uniondale

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