Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Making strides to help others fight breast cancer

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Sloane Sackett, Glen Cove

Every year, Jones Beach holds a breast cancer awareness walk. Many people may not take interest, but they don’t realize it can help people in need, just like my aunt. Yes, people can get past the cancer with many, many different surgeries, but it’s almost like breaking a plate and putting it back together — it’s not broken, but it’s not how it was before.

Doing the breast cancer awareness walk helps many people get better and healthier by raising money for the American Cancer Society. My aunt, who is a survivor of breast cancer, had to have many surgeries and chemo to get stronger. Though they did help, my aunt felt very weak because along with taking away the bad tissue, it sometimes took the good tissue. Doing the walk can help women get stronger.

With effort, we can help save lives from breast cancer. This year’s walk is Oct. 20 at Jones Beach.

Info: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,

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