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Brightwaters lakes are a bright place to be

The Brightwaters lakes are a good place to

The Brightwaters lakes are a good place to relax, watch birds and go fishing. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kelly Mullooly, Massapequa

The Brightwaters Lakes area just off Montauk Highway (Route 27A) is a beautiful place to visit.

The Brightwaters lakes are five lakes combined to make beautiful scenery. Over by the lakes, you can feed the ducks, walk or ride your bike around the perimeter and fish (with a permit). The road is paved smoothly so that you can ride your bike in peace without all that gravel making you have a bumpy ride. Fishing is allowed at the Lower Cascade Lake. If you are lucky, you might catch perch and largemouth and smallmouth bass. What most people like to do best is sit on the grass and see the lake gleam in the sun or feed bread to the ducks. The lakes are an excellent place to go where your family can enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Bay Shore-Brightwaters Library, on Montauk Highway, is a nice place to go even in the summer. This library doesn’t just have books; it has events for all ages, a museum pass program and an arts and leisure group. The events include cooking, bilingual story time and toddler time. The museum pass program lets you get free tickets to specific museums listed on the website ( The arts and leisure group enjoys numerous trips throughout the year, going to museums, operas and Broadway shows.

Also, the library has all sorts of books, including Spanish books. It is a great place to spend time and learn with your family, especially if the weather is not so nice.

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