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We saw the dinosaurs come back to life

Kidsday reporters take in the Dinosaur Safari at

Kidsday reporters take in the Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo, from left, Demian Albarracin-Rios, Diego Ochoa, Ava Seebeck and Madison Saladino.
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

The dinosaurs have returned! We went to the new Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo recently. It was really amazing. There are 40 life-size animatronic dinosaurs that are out in the open and a little hidden on a path around the zoo. When we went there, it was a walking path but now it is a ride with a narrator explaining it all.

The dinosaurs there were so realistic. Diego and Madison’s favorite part seeing many types of dinosaurs. Ava and Demian’s favorite part was when the dinosaurs started moving when you walked up to them. When they move, their heads move, their necks move, they roar, they breathe and they move their tails.

Some of the dinosaurs we saw were the Kosmoceratops and Allosaurus, the Spinosaurus and the Pentaceratops. They are made to look lifelike, and that means that the Tyrannosaurus rex is 40 feet long!

When you reach the end of the trail, there is a fossil dig area. The fossils there are huge, and we even got to brush some dust off and discover a fossil. At the end we saw the fossils put together, which made a whole dinosaur. We did a spelling bee where we had to try to spell the names of different dinosaurs. It was so hard! We recommend that you practice spelling dinosaur names so you can win the contest.

Did you know you can see other animals at the Bronx Zoo, too? For example, Diego’s favorite animal was the gorillas. He liked the gorillas because they were cute and hugging each other. Demian’s favorite animal was the monkeys because they were crazy like him! Madison’s favorite place was the mouse house because the mice were huddling and there was a chinchilla. Ava’s favorite animal was the lemurs because they were very playful and were all different colors. There were peacocks there, and they roam free, but do not feed them.

We recommend you go to the Bronx Zoo. The Dinosaur Safari exhibit is open through November.


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