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Good Evening

My trip to the Brooklyn Bridge: long walk, great views

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

One Saturday we woke up early and got dressed. Then we called my aunt to see if she was ready to go take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. My mom, stepdad, my brother, my aunt and I hopped in the car and went off to see the Brooklyn Bridge.

When we were on our way to see the bridge I saw my aunt, uncle and cousins. The car ride was kind of long, but I was watching videos on my phone. We finally found a parking spot. After that we crossed the street. Then we went up some stairs. It was kind of hard because we had to bring the little kids up the stairs.

When we were on the Brooklyn Bridge, the view was amazing! I was able to see boats in the ocean that were far away. There were a lot of people on the bridge, including cars and bikes. We took a lot of pictures and recordings. When we were on the bridge, it felt a bit scary because there were cars under us and it felt as if we were going to fall.

We didn’t really walk a lot. We walked a little less than halfway across the bridge because most of us were tired. Then we walked all the way back. We went down the stairs, crossed the street and went back inside the car. When I came out of the car I said, “This was the best day ever.”

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