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Brookville Outdoor & Environmental Education Center is a fun place

There are many fun activities that can be enjoyed on field trips. This is the case at Brookville Outdoor & Environmental Education Center, which my class visited.

At the center, you can do activities like making corn-husk dolls or playing fun games. One of these games is fox and rabbit. The staff will teach you how to play; you will have a blast. They also have team building projects and orienteering.

One important lesson that you will learn at the center is to treat the Earth nicely. For example, you have to figure out what goes in the trash and what should be recycled.

Also, you always put your scraps in a pile of dirt called compost. Over time it becomes good farming soil.

Another thing you learn is the difference between regular leaves and poison ivy. You get to see the poison ivy up close. But don't touch.

The center has many activities for kids of different ages. It is a great place to visit many times.

Not only is the center a fun place with many activities, but it is also a great place for a field trip.

If you ask you teacher, maybe you will be lucky enough to be able to see how much fun the Brookville Outdoor &

Environmental Education Center really is. It is located at 195

Brookville Rd. Call 516-396-2264.

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