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LI kids review Glove-A-Bubbles, Slick Tricks Bubble Kit

Kidsday reporters at Birch Lane Elementary School, Massapequa

Kidsday reporters at Birch Lane Elementary School, Massapequa Park, enjoy testing the bubble products. Credit: Meredith Marin

We tested some new bubble products that can make your summer fun even better.

We love Glove-A-Bubbles (Zing). The glove is made of plastic. It comes in different animal designs such as an elephant, lion, panda and alligator.

The package comes with the glove, two packets of bubble solution and a bubble pouch to put the solution in. It is a nice outdoor activity. You take the bubble solution and put it in the bubble pouch. Put your hand in the bubble glove, dip it in the solution and start waving it around. There are holes in the glove that act like bubble wands.

The glove is different from other bubble makers because the holes are different sizes. If you want to make a lot of bubbles, you can run forward and back with your hand in the glove held out. We did this and made a lot of bubbles at once. It is amazing. This toy would be good for kids ages 5 to 10.

We also tested Slick Tricks Master It! Bubble Kit (Little Kids). This brings bubbles to a whole new level. It comes with directions for 20 different tricks. Even better, it tells us how hard each trick will be. A rating of 3 stars means difficult, 2 stars medium, 1 star easy. It is suitable for 5 and older.

Here are some of the tricks:

Bubble Snake: The bubble snake is really easy. It connects hundreds of tiny bubbles to make a long line like a snake in just a single blow.

Mile-Long Bubble: This bubble may not be a mile long, but it sure is the biggest bubble we have ever made!

Bubble Storm: This was really easy. You use a net that has a lot of holes and dip it in the dip tray. Then you spin around, and it makes tons of bubbles.

Those were just a few of the tricks. We did find the solution a bit messy, so be prepared! We really loved these toys.

Meredith Marin’s fourth-grade class, Birch Lane Elementary School, Massapequa Park

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