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Good Afternoon

Buddha Berry: a mother's healthy idea

Buddha Berry was created when Nancy Passaretti wanted to come up with a healthy alternative to the standard ice cream and yogurt shop her family visited. She started stocking her pantry with dark-chocolate-covered acai berries, nuts, chia seeds and quinoa. Her goal was to take something her family loved and incorporate healthier options. She said her children complained at first, but then they started liking it. It wasn't long before she started seeing a difference in their energy and the way they looked.

So when Nancy noticed that there were no yogurt shops in Montauk, where her family summered, she left her career in medical software to seize the opportunity for something she was passionate about. And hence, Buddha Berry was born. She spent a year planning, by researching frozen yogurt purveyors on local daily farms in Oregon, Wisconsin and Arkansas.

She opened her Montauk store two years ago, and when that took off, she opened one in Sag Harbor. She is now planning to open a third store in Southampton this month.

She moved to Sag Harbor with her family because it was a year-round community. We love that we have Buddha Berry here all year round.

There are two current locations: 43 S. Euclid Ave., Montauk; and 125 Main St., Sag Harbor (the one that I visit);

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