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Buddy bench helps kids make friends

Kidsday reporters, from left, John Puccio, Patricia Solomos,

Kidsday reporters, from left, John Puccio, Patricia Solomos, Jennifer Avila, Jarel Turner and Michael Vallejo meet up at the buddy bench. Photo Credit: AnnMarie Drosman

The buddy bench is a bench that is for kids who have a tough time making friends, like if they are new to the school or kids who don’t fit in. If you see kids sitting on the bench with no one to play with, we sometimes feel bad for them because they are wasting their fun time. But then one nice person is going to invite them to play or ask them what they want to play.

Another reason why a buddy bench is useful is for kids who are tired of playing with their friends and want new friends: They can go to the buddy bench. The buddy bench stands for kindness and peace. The buddy bench is a loving, caring place for kids.

It is also good for learning what other kids like to do at recess and trying new things. It might even stop bullying that is happening at recess.

The buddy bench is a great place for many things, for example learning new things or ways to do stuff if they are bored, even if they want new friends. It’s good for when you’re playing a sport and you need one more player for the team to be even. You look toward the buddy bench and there’s a player. We read that more than 2,000 schools have a buddy bench. Do you think your school needs one, too?


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